Water and stones: tour along the Grand Canal!

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A boat tour along the Grand Canal is an absolute must if you’re a first-time visitor to Venice: your mind boggles over how all these amazing old buildings where noble families live and run their business.

If Venice looks like a fish, the Grand Canal is its fishbone! The locals call it « Canalazzo » and it’s shaped like a big S and it’s simply stunning. 

There is a public water bus that goes along the Grand Canal, but if you choose to rent a private water taxi, you’ll get more: a motor launch is small enough to navigate also the fascinating minor canals to see parts of the city that are rarely visited by tourists and to take fantastic pictures comfortably sitting outside and listening to your guide’s commentary.

Yes, because where’s the fun in watching beautiful stuff that you don’t know anything about? Learn more about the origins of Venice, this unique city where past and presents coexist like water and stones. And along the way, we’ll also tell you more about the secret part of Venice, since some of the amazing buildings along the Grand Canal often hide curious legends and funny stories.



Ideal for kids, teens and grown-ups


Normally 1 hour by boat + 1 hour walk

Kind of tour

Boat tour + a bit of walk


AM or PM
on request

Additional Fees

Transportation fees: private water taxi around €130/hour up to 6 persons (possible extra charges for entrance fees for churches/museums according to the combination you chose)

Meeting point

Normally in St Mark's Square by the exit of the Doge’s Palace (Porta della Carta) or wherever it is more convenient


This tour can be combined with several other tours such as an orientation tour in St Mark’s Square, a visit of St Mark’s Church, a tour in the Doge’s Palace  or a food tasting 

tour canals venice
Along the cutest canal
to see Venice reflected on the water!
Grand Canal Venice
Fantastic sunset
in an unreal atmosphere!
boat tour grand canal
By private water taxi!
feeling like movie stars!


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