Scavenger Hunt in the Doge’s Palace: Casanova’s prison break

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This tour takes place in the amazing Doge’s Palace, the seat of government of Venice for over a thousand years! This engaging scavenger will let you discover the   most representative institutional rooms of Doge’s Palace, ornated by the most important Renaissance artists, as well as the prisons and it also includes the Bridge of Sighs! Needless to say, this tour will be a very good chance also for the grown-ups to get to know more about the history of the city, about its political organization and most especially about its effective system of justice.


We will explore the most important museum of Venice by following the footsteps of a famous guy, the  irresistible Giacomo Casanova who was imprisonned in  the Doge’s Palace: after an unsuccessful attempt, he found the way to escape! They kept him in jail for some minor crimes but the real reason of his detention was never proved. Are our detectives smart enough to solve all the riddles and find the truth? Follow us!


Ideal for kids from 5 to 12 years old


Up to 2 hours

Kind of tour

Indoor scavenger hunt with game booklet based on a mystery to solve though riddles, puzzles, games such as “join the dots, put the letters in the correct order, multiple choice quizzes and things to find around)


One game leaflet and a final little prize for every little detective


AM or PM
on request

Addtional Fees

Skip- the-line tickets for the Doge's Palace can be purchased in advance.

Dress code

Not required (backpacks and long umbrellas must be checked in the cloakroom).

Meeting point

Normally in St Mark's Square by the exit of the Doge’s Palace (Porta della Carta)

bambino inghiottito2
The magic staircase
I am falling! Somebody help me!
portfolio casanova
Graffiti on the glass
Who wrote their name on the window?
secret tour doge's palace
The secret door
Where could it be?
scvenger hunt doge's palace
Special mail boxes
Let's solve the puzzle!