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Family tours and scavenger hunts

Check out our informative and entertaining tours for children and grown-ups!

When you plan the holiday you have always dreamed of, all you don’t want to hear from your kids is “it’s boring”. In the era of electronic devices, the temptation to let them zone out while you listen to your guide’s commentary might be strong. But, let’s try to stimulate their creativity to let them feel more involved, let’s organize a different kind of sightseeing tour based on their point of view.

Treasure hunts are fun, interactive and creative and can be tailored for children of various ages. This kind of tour begins with a mystery to solve and it’s based on a combination of riddles, puzzles and multiple choice quizzes. Will our little detectives succeed in revealing the solution of this mystery and win the final prize?

Our SCAVENGER HUNTS include a special booklet designed and drawn by us and REAL LITTLE TREASURE for every little explorer!

Our tours are EDUCATIONAL and INFORMATIVE, for the young but also for the young at heart and then… who says art and history cannot be ENTERTAINING?!

Live a family adventure with an informative and entertaining local guide!

If you’re planning a trip to Venice, and you want all your family to get the most out of it, don’t look any further…you’ve found us! 








Why us?

We are professionally certified tour guides

Being a native is not enough to be a good guide, especially in Italy where the cultural heritage is so wide and thick. For a real travel experience, beware of off-the-cuff guides without a school and training background. Always ask for the quality you deserve, always ask for a certified tourist guide! But even better if you find a knowledgeable and entertaining one!

We are mums and we enjoy working with families

Not all the guides like dealing with kids but we do! Children are definitely a big challenge therefore we have to practice with our own children. Our family-friendly tours focus on the needs of young travellers in order to get their attention and let them live a meaningful and entertaining experience. Yet even the grown-ups will have a good time!

We have a background in the tourist industry

Venice is a very unique town that involves very unique issues: little islands, no cars, no buses, only boats where the pace of life goes with the flow…More than anywere else a good piece of advice by an expert is very important! Since one of us is also a travel agent and a tour assistant, we’ll be happy to help you make things easier.

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