Workshops and other kid-friendly activities in Venice

Customize your tour in Venice with a workshop or another kid-friendly activity!

We offer our clients the opportunity to enrich their experience with an activity or workshop suitable for families with children. Take a look at the activities provided by our most trusted partners to do at the end of a scavenger hunt or guided tour.

Gondola ride Venice
Let's paint a mask!

A gondola ride is one of those unmissable experiences that everyone should do at least once in a lifetime! The hidden Venice seen from the original point of view, from the water in the quietness of the minor canals.

Did you know that the last person owning a gondola was an American lady who chose to spend her last phase of her life in Venice? She was nicknamed the Dogaressa, the First Lady…


Around 30 minutes


€90 per gondola (max 5 persone)


You can complete a walking tour or a scavenger hunt with a gondola ride.

mask workshop venice
Let's paint a mask!

Why are masks so popular in Venice?

Venice has plenty of shops selling masks of any kind simply because Venice is the homeland of Carnival! However, even if you do not come to Venice during Carnival, you can have the chance of plunging in the intriguing world of disguise and learn how to paint your own mask!

Several mask shops offer  mini-courses of masks painting. There are plenty of examples to take inspiration and a range of about 20 plain white models made of papier-mâché. After choosing one, you’ll be taught techniques for the backgrounds and intricate decorations. After drying and glazing, your mask will be packed and ready to be safely carried away.

DURATION: approx. 1 hour for the Basic Course

PRICE: between €40 and €50 per person
blowing glass murano
A visit in a glass blowing factory!

Did you know that in ancient times, a glass master who tried to set up a shop beyond the lagoon risked being assassinated by the secret police?! Murano blowing glass made the glory of Venice and it is simply amazing…

If you don’t have time to go to Murano, there is the chance to visit a glass factory downtown: yet, it is free of charge!

Ask us to book your time in a glass factory after a walking tour or a scavenger hunt.

Marionettes in Venice
The magic world of marionettes!

Did you know the word “marionette” was born in Venice? This town is the ideal setting for a child’s imagination to grow, and Roberto’s one was so captured by the story of Pinocchio that he became a modern Geppetto! Let’s explore the picturesque district of Cannaregio and finish our tour in the dreamy atmosphere of his amazing workshop full of marionettes and puppets.

DURATION: approx. 1 hour

Please note that Roberto does not speak English, you will need the guide to stay with you to translate

A funny family photoshoot

Capture the joy and enchantment of your family vacation in Venice with a professional photographer! As you explore the city’s iconic landmarks and hidden gems, the friendly photographer Luca will craft the perfect shots, framing your memories amidst the timeless beauty of the Venetian scenery. With a personalised approach to each session, the relaxed atmosphere filled with laughter, will help your family’s unique connection to shine through.
Treasure your Venetian adventure forever with stunning photos that you’ll love to look back on. Book your session now and take a piece of Venice home with you!

painting lesson venice
An engaging painting lesson!

Noemí Carrau is an extraordinary  street artist who left her homeland Barcelona to settle down in Venice. She is a dreamer and her style is simply unique. You can find her in Campo San Cassian, even in the hottest summer days, trying to  shape a new dream of hers.

A painting lesson, would be a great opportunity for your kids!

rowing lesson venice
An exciting rowing lesson!

A gondola ride is one of the most relaxing way of getting in touch with the essence of Venice but there’s a more exciting one : rowing like a Venetian, with the « Voga alla Veneta »!

This can be a fun and memorable experience for your children!

Actually it is a little bit harder than it looks when you are watching the gondoliers do it along the Grand Canal, but it is definitely cooler to do it yourself instead of being only the spectator.

The perspective of Venice changes when on the water and maybe you will start feeling less of a tourist. For sure, it’s something to be remembered long after you return home!

Teachers are patient and encouraging, nobody has fallen in yet but the only little « complication» might be the meeting spot that is apparently difficult to find, if you have never come to Venice before.

But here we are! Rowing tours begin in the district Cannaregio, a quiet and charming section of Venice, not too far from the Jewish Ghetto. So, let’s organize A WALKING TOUR throughout this enchaning area, away from the main tourist attractions of the city: let’s chat about daily life until we reach the Jewish Quarter, that once war a shelter for the Jews during international turmoils but where they were locked in at night and during religious holidays. Along the way, we could even stop in a typical bacaro to get a true taste of Venice: a couple of cicheti (tapas) and a glass of wine (maybe a soft drink for kids?!) would let you feel like a local, absolutely ready for your rowing experience! Our walking tour would end right where you meet your instructor.

cooking lessons venice
A family cooking lesson!

Have fun with a Venetian homemade cooking lesson: pick a day, choose a menu and book your family adventure in a real Venetian house or in a restaurant pretending to be a chef.

Several options are available that can be tailored to your preferences: would you like to learn how to make fresh pasta? How about pizza or gelato? And what if you could make your own cicheti?! 

This experience could be enriched with a walking tour around the Rialto market (or with our Tasty Scavenger hunt) where  all the fresh ingredients for your recipes are sold.

And after the Cooking lesson, you will certainly enjoy the Tasting Session!!

Dario Cestaro pop up workshop Venice
An amusing pop-up workshop!

Dario Cestaro is professor at the Accademy of Fine Arts of Venice where he teaches Paper Technology. When he is in town, he might be available for a private pop-up workshop: it is really educational and pure fun!