The big puzzle of Venetian painting: the Accademia

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Art is a very valuable tool for opening young minds: kids should be exposed to art repeatedly and often in order to let them grasp the sense of BEAUTY! If you are in Venice, why don’t you start with the Accademia Museum? Needless to say, if we want to encourage kids’ art exploration, we have to take it easy with old masters: kids could find religious subjects and traditional styles boring unless you have a guide with an ace to play, a scavenger hunt to learn with fun, the Big Puzzle of Venetian Art!



Paolo Veronese was an incredible painter was nicknamed the Magician of Colours! He had a successful career … except for that one time when he had to appear in front of the terrible judges of the Inquisition Court…

Follow us inside the Accademia Museum to find more about the world of art through an engaging game …. 



Ideal for kids from 6 to 12 years old


Around 1,5 hours

Kind of tour

Indoor scavenger hunt with game booklet based on a mystery to solve through riddles, puzzles, games such as “join the dots, put the letters in the correct order, multiple choice quizzes and things to find around)


AM or PM
on request. Accademia closed on Monday afternoon

Dress code

Not required. Backpacks and long umbrellas must be checked in the cloakroom.

Meeting point

In front of the Accedemia Museum.

Additional Fees

Tickets for the Accademia Museum: €12 per person, free for under 18, €2 for vistor aged 18-25.


One game leaflet and a final little prize for every little detective

Accademia venice scavenger hunt
Amazing picture....
How could the painter do this?!
Accademia scavenger hunt
Learn by playing!
A scavenger hunt to love art!
accademia museum venice
Let's put the puzzle together!
A challenging scavenger hunt!


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