A thrilling secret journey into the the Doge's Palace

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  • Secret tour in Doge’s Palace Venice


Did you know that the Doge’s Palace was once a castle with four towers, like a real princess castle? The Doge was not exactly a king and his dwelling was also the Palace of Justice and the jails. Join me on in-depth exploration of the history and art of this extraordinary building that represents the essence of Venice.

Casanova Doge's PalaceBut let’s start by the mysterious side: we’ll enter the dark prison of the Doge’s Palace through a special access, normally closed to the public; we’ll explore the hidden corridors to hear stories that usually go untold and finally reach the attic prison to learn the true story of how Casanova escaped.

Hope you won’t be afraid by the view of the Torture Chamber but we am pretty sure you’ll have fun by following me in the narrow staircases between the walls and playing peekaboo through secret passages with other unaware visitors.

Our tour will continue in the Institutional part of the Palace to admire beautiful paintings used to glorify the state and if you wish we could also plunge in the medieval atmosphere of the Armoury, housing interesting weapons, spears, sword, shields, armours…

The last part of the tour will be in the New Prison that we’ll reach by crossing the famous Bridge of Sighs.



Ideal for kids from 8 to 18 years old


Up to 2 hours

Kind of tour

Indoor activity


ONLY AM advance booking MANDATORY

important notes

This tour is available only for parties up to 5 persons. Children under 6 are not allowed. The secret part is not accessible to those with mobility problems and is not recommended for those suffering from claustrophobia, vertigo of cardio-respiratory disorders. Not suitable for pregnant women.

Addtional Fees

Special skip- the-line tickets including also the secret part of the Doge's Palace must be purchased in advance

Dress code

Not required (backpacks and long umbrellas must be checked in the cloakroom).


This tour can be combined with THE SCAVENGER HUNT about Casanova's break.

Meeting point

Normally in St Mark's Square by the exit of the Doge’s Palace (Porta della Carta)

An amazing gigantic room!
The Room of the Geat Council!
secret tour in the doge's palace
Top secret letters
What if your name was in there?!!
Secret tour in Doge's Palace Venice5
Exploring the ancient jail...
How long would you resist in this cell?!
opening the secret door
Opening the secret door
Surprise surprise!