Type of tour:

Orientation tour in the form of Scavenger Hunt inspired by Marco Polo with game booklet including a mystery to solve with reward at the end

The itinerary is a combination of the main sighs in St Mark’s Square and quiet backstreets in the residential neighbourhood off the beaten tracks. See the itinerary on the MAP

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 I was born a long time ago, in a district near the Rialto Bridge the trading center of the glorious Republic of Venice.

My father Nicolò and my uncle Matteo left Venice when I was only one year old to catch up with another brother of theirs who had settled down in Constantinople to take care of the family business. But then, they decided to walk further: it was a long a walk, after all, since they reached the fabulous Court of Cathay, the king of China. I was already a teenager when they came back and I was so fascinated by their incredible tales that I was crazy when they asked me to follow them in a new adventure! We faced the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, infested with pirates, we walked through wide deserts running into barbarians of any kind we followed the legendary Silk Road and crossed the highest mountains of the world and I finally met the King of China.

We became good friends and while my father was busy with his business, I took up a brilliant career at the Mongol Court I travelled the furthest lands of Asia, serving the emperor as an ambassador. When I came back, 25 years later, nobody recognized me: my family had heard nothing about me for a long time. Everybody thought I was dead, until I opened up my cloak, covered with precious stones and they  screamed « Welcome back Marco Polo! »

Follow your guide along this itinerary and try to solve all the riddles: if you succeed to complete the whole crosswords, you will find out the mysterious object that I brought back from China: I deserve a monument in Venice for that!


  Tour duration: 

approx. 2 hours

 Price and Cancellation Policy: 

Please see Info&Contacs.

  Dress code

Please note that you must be properly dressed to enter churches (no shorts, no miniskirts, no bare shoulders); backpacks are not allowed inside Saint Mark’s church: outside locker-rooms are free of charge.


This itinerary can be combined with other tours and can be combined with one of the additional kid-friendly activities that we suggest

  Shore excursion for cruise travelers

This tour could me combined with a shore excursion from the cruise terminal.

  Meeting Point

St Mark’s Square, by the exit of the Doge’s Palace (see google map), your hotel lobby, railway station or wherever it is more convenient.

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