Boat tour in the Lagoon of Venice, including Murano, Burano and maybe Torcello.

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The history of Venice is strictly connected to this extraordinary morphological system called lagoon: a fascinating universe where time seems to have stop. In the week ends the locals still get out their typical boats and row in silence, enjoying their everlasting relationship with the lagoon waters.

This excursion normally starts with a stop in Murano, the island of the eternal miracle of the blowing glass. The Venetian glass master still pass down to the next generation the secret of this ancient art. If you wish, in some of the glass factories, it is still possible to watch a glass master at work: it almost sounds as magic! The island is packed with shops selling souvenirs but also real amazing works of art. But in case you are particularly interested  in going deeper into the history of glass making the Glass Museum displays an incredible collection ranging from the 14th to the 19th century. The ancient Church of Santa Maria and Donato is also really worthwhile.
The charming island of Burano, would be the second call: very well known for its multicolored houses and its elegant lace. But the locals often visit Burano to buy the delicious cookies called “bussolai”!

The final call would be the picturesque island of Torcello, nowadays almost desert, but once the cradle of the Venetian civilization. In Torcello there are a couple of excellent restaurants, an ideal place for a wedding party indeed, and the remains of some of the most ancient monuments of the lagoon plunged in the green native vegetation: the first cathedral in Venice, Santa Maria Assunta, and the church of Santa Fosca.

  Tour duration: 

approx. 3 or 4 hours by private motor boat, around 5 hours by public transportation


€80,00/hour (per group up to 8 people). Tickets and transportation fees are not included. Read our Cancellation Policy.


This tour can be organized by water taxi, a very comfortable and fast way to go around that can adapt to your needs, or by vaporetto, much slower but far less expensive. Water taxi must be paid cash on the spot around €120/hour up to 6 persons (price to be reconfirmed); Vaporetto (ACTV water bus): € 7,50 per person (one ride, 1 hour validity) € 20 per person (validity 24 hours) – PRICES 2018 – For more info please visit

  Dress code: 

Please note that you must be properly dressed to enter churches (no shorts, no miniskirts, no bare shoulders).


This itinerary can be fully customized at pleasure and could include other islands such as San Francesco del Deserto or the Lazzareto or the Lido and Pellestrina.

  Shore excursion: 

This tour can be arranged as part of a shore excursion from the Cruise Terminal.

  Meeting Point: 

St Mark’s Square, by the exit of the Doge’s Palace (see map), your hotel lobby, railway station or wherever it is more convenient.

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