Type of tour:

Walking tour flavoured with cicheti and prosecco or gelato!

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How can you say you have really experienced a culture until you haven’t experienced its cuisine?

You should discover Venice through all your senses, especially the yummiest one!

We could meet on top of the Rialto Bridge and start a walking tour in the district San Polo: first of all in the picturesque RIALTO MARKET, where the Venetians can buy fresh food at reasonable prices! The colorful fruit and vegetable market will give us the chance of talking about the local products, and in the marry fish market displays a wide range of different kinds of fishes, daily caught in the lagoon and in the Adriatic sea.

After smelling and staring at all sorts of good things, it’s definitely time to start exploring the real Venice Gourmet: let’s do a BACARO TOUR!

But what’s a bacaro? Well, it’s something between a wine bar and a smart restaurant where you can enjoy some amazing CICHETI (in Spain they are known as tapas): delicious finger food, no simple snacks but high quality food served in small portions. And your private guides we will be happy to describe the different specialties and suggest you the most delicious ones.

This culinary experience will continue with another walk off the beaten path: and if you want to find a piece of Venice after you go back home your private guide will be happy to send you some savory recipes!



  Tour duration: 

approx. 2 hours


€80,00/hour (per group up to 8 people). Tickets, transportation, food fees drinks fees are not included. Read our Cancellation Policy.

  Important notes:

Please note that you must promptly advise the restaurant if you suffer from allergies or intolerances.

The Rialto market is open only in the morning from Monday to Saturday (the fish market from Tuesday)


This itinerary can be fully customized at pleasure and combined with a walking tour or a boat tour.

  Shore excursion

This tour can be arranged as part of a shore excursion from the Cruise Terminal.

  Meeting Point

St Mark’s Square, by the exit of the Doge’s Palace (see google map), your hotel lobby, railway station or wherever it is more convenient.

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