Venice Kids Tours: tested and guaranteed by an expert!

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Venice Kids Tours: tested and guaranteed by an expert!

Our Venice kids tours are tested and guaranteed by the best experts!

Elia has a flu so he stayed home from school: today he has helped us with the drawings for a new tour we’ve been working on.


With the assistance of such “experienced” consultants, no wonder if our tours are so kid-friendly!


After so many years, of work in the field, children can still be surprising: during our tours in Venice, we receive so much precious feedback information. Moreover, if you ask children what they think about something, one can be sure to get the most sincere opinion: no filters, no big fear of being rude or unpolite. Sure, you cannot be touchy, but you can get the best consultants for a very reasonable price: Elia cost us a fresh croissant for instance and he was also very nice and helpful!


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