Have you finally planned the trip to Venice you have been dreaming about for all your life?

Yes, it’s true, a honeymoon would be the most amazing way to explore Venice: all the time you need to get in touch with a new culture, history and art and all the time you want for gondola serenades along the Grand Canal at sunset, sipping excellent  wine, and romantic dinners in beautiful restaurants tasting amazing aphrodisiac Italian food.

Now that you have booked your plane tickets and your hotel room, you have probably started thinking that maybe you shouldn’t have waited so long…

Yes it’s true, with two children it won’t be the same…forget the interesting museums and the amazing churches that you’ve heard of, since the kids could get bored; forget the adventurous walks along the famous Venetian tiny alley ways, since the kids might need to go to the restroom while you’re trying to read the map to figure out where you are…

Never mind! You don’t have to give up the pleasure of spending some good time in a unique town just because you’re not alone anymore!  Venice can still be fun for you and for your whole family. You just need to find a way to get the most out of this experience and a good private guide could be of great help…especially someone that has some experience with children and understands your needs. Venicekidstours offers a wide range of family friendly tours that can be fully customized according to your interests and your kids’ pace…find out more!

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