The Venice Carnival 2015 will focus on one of the things that make life worth living….FOOD!

EXPO Carnival

Food, flavors and culinary tradition, a sort of merry anticipation of the Universal Exhibition “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, that will take place in Milan from next May.

This “delicious“ Carnival will tickle the appetite and the need for transgression: after all, food and fun form the perfect combination to enjoy life, perfectly in line with the true spirit of Carnival!

The flight of the rat

Everything has begun January 31st with the huge “Venetian Feat on the water” that took place in Sestiere Cannaregio. Along the canal, tens of gourmet stands and gastronomic stalls packed with food lovers and hungry kids who came to assist to “svolo dea pantegana” (the flight of the big rat): a big rat made of paper-maché is lowered into the water from the top of the Ponte dei Tre Archi, symbol of the pure exuberant spirit of Carnival. Rats are the animals that will always find a way to survive, adapting themselves to the changing of the world, the essence of the instinct to survive.

Flight of the Angel

Well, the Flight of the Rat is an hilarious parody of the official Flight of the Angel or Flight of the Dove, that took place in St Marks Square this morning: tied to a rope, the winner of last year’s beauty contest “the most beautiful Mary” was let down the belfry of St Mark’s bell tower until she reached the Carnival stage. This year it was the turn of Marianna Serena, who was absolutely brave!

As I saw her flying in the sky I thought of a question that one of my clients asked me yesterday: “What if she doesn’t want to jump?” Well” I said “ for sure I won’t offer to replace her!” I am afraid of heights! Her red and black dress made her look more like the Angel of Death but luckily she reached safely the big stage of Carnival!

Why don’t you watch this video? But next year you have to be here!

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